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Live Recording: Steinar Raknes - Solo Concert at Molde int. Jazz Festival 2010

20.08.2010 00:00 by Steinar Raknes

The complete concert, divided into tracks, and also as one single file.

Gringo Grango / Almodovar - Steinar Raknes
Ardor / All I Really Want To Do - Steinar Raknes / Bob Dylan (vocal track)
Impro / Tango Rachetti - Steinar Raknes
Eu Se Quue Vou Te Amar - Jobim
Intro / Deeper Well - Emmylou Harris (vocal track)
All I Want - Joni Mitchel
Impro - Steinar Raknes
Mahte Randi / Windy - Inga Juuso / Steinar Raknes
Killing The Blues - Rowland Salley (vocal track)
I Don´t Know Why - Paul Gayten/Bobby Charles
Song Of Spring - Steinar Raknes
Byssan Lull - Norwegian trad

Complete Concert 

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