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The Indian Core at Mood Indigo festival, Mumbai, India

20.12.2009 04:45 by Steinar Raknes

The band grew out of a tour of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh by The Core in 2006 , where they found three musical soul mates in the Indian performers Prasenjit Mitra, Kanchman Babbar and Fateh Ali. The desire to play together seemed completely natural as both sets of musicians have a common point of departure in their own folk music and to a large extent utilise improvisation. According to the critics this tour was an experience above and beyond the ordinary, a beautiful interaction between saxophone, flute and sitar, and double bass, piano and tablas.
The climax was the recording session for their first CD which captures the magic of the musical collaboration between East and West with its mix of contemporary jazz and traditional Indian music.

Kirsti Huke (Vocals)
Fateh Ali (Sitar)
Jorgen Mathisen (Saxophones/Clarinet)
Erlend Slettevoll (Piano); Steinar Raknèz (Bass
Prasenjit Mitra (Tabla)
Espen Aalberg (Drums)

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