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The Indian Core at the Barefoot, Colombo, Sri Lanka

20.12.2009 03:29 by Steinar Raknes

The Core consists of five jazz musicians who, through Concerts Norway, did a South Asia tour during 2005-2006. During the tour, playing in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, the Core played with three Indian musicians with whom they collaborated to make the 2007 ‘Indian Core’ band and album. They also extensively toured in Norway and at various music festivals. According to the critics the tour which featured fusion of the Indian influence with the Core was an experience above and beyond the ordinary, a beautiful interaction between saxophone, flute and sitar, and double bass, piano and tablas.

The band plays an East meets West mix of contemporary jazz and traditional Indian music.

The Indian Core will be touring Sri Lanka between December 18th-20th coming directly from Nepal and going to India after the Sri Lankan tour. They will conduct a free workshop for music students of all ages in Colombo and hold one free concert in Colombo. The Indian Core is brought down by the Royal Norwegian Embassy through Concerts Norway and Sewalanka Foundation as part of a music cooperation project aimed at cultural exchange between Norway and Sri Lanka.

Prasenjit Mitra – (tablas), Fateh Ali – (sitar), Espen Aalberg – (drums), Erlend Slettevoll – (piano), Jorgen Mathisen (sax), Kristi Huke (vocals), Steinar Raknes – (bass)

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