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06.03.2009 08:52

Review - "Varden"

Great review of concert in Skien, in Norwegian Newspaper "Varden"

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26.02.2009 17:37

TB&M live in Kabelvåg!

Here is a new live recording, unedited, the whole concert in Kabelvåg, Præstengbrygga, 11.02.2009.

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21.02.2009 11:27

Steinar Raknes Quartet tour dates march

The quartet is touring with the CD "Tangos, ballads & more" 3 - 8th of march 2009

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21.02.2009 11:24

Tangos, Ballads & More innkjøpt av Innkjøpsordningen!

Steiunar Raknes debutalbum "Tangos, Ballads & More" er innkjøpt av innkjøpsordningen og blir snart å finne bl.a på alle landets biblioteker.

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21.12.2008 13:45

TB&M Live In Cordoba!

Steinar Raknes Quartet live in Cordoba, mp3...

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