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Steinar Raknes - STILLHOUSE

STILLHOUSE is Steinar Raknes on double bass & vocal

Steinar Raknes tours with this project in various line ups, from solo toa  six man band

The press about STILLHOUSE:

"Making music with meaning and substance" - Lars Moss Finn, Jazznytt
"Incredible beautiful and very strong!" - Tor Hammerø, side2
"Solid work ... an example of rewarding relationship between communication and listening" - Groove
"The festival's biggest surprise .... incredibly beautiful" January Granlie, Jazznytt
"... In a festival wherefores there is so much going on, it was often a single element or piece that resonated deepest: for example bassist Steinar Raknes and his solo bass and vocal accoustic" - Larry Applebaum, Jazz Times

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