Steinar Raknes

.. is a Norwegian bassists, vocalist and songwriter. Raknes has toured most corners of the world, collaborating with musicians from many styles of music, with his roots in jazz music. Raknes is recognized through his work as composer and musician in the award-winning jazz trio Urban Connection, and for collaborations with artists such as Chick Corea, Michael Brecker, Bobby McFerrin and Ola Kvernberg. After completing a Master of Arts at NTNU year 2001, he has played in a large number of ensembles, including The Core, Ola Kvernberg Trio, Skáidi, Kirsti Huke Quartet and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra.

Raknes is a double bass virtuoso, playing both pizzicato and arco. He is known for his big tone in the instrument, and for his work with alternative pizzicato styles on the double bass, inspired by African Kora and American fingerpicking. He is also using electronics to extend the sound of the double bass, using guitar pedals and loopers, on both bass and vocals.

The name of Raknes vokal project is STILLHOUSE. The bass player writes songs and lyrics americana style, mixing it up with jazz & blues and more. 

Raknes has also worked several years with Sami music - yoik, starting with collaborating with the great yoiker Inga Juuso for many years. Together with her successor Sara Marielle Gaup he is now working with the duo Arvvas.