Always On The Road

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On The Road

On The Road

Feels like nothing can take away this blues

It seems hard to find a cure

Shambling and rambling catching glimpses of the deuce

Through the mist on the moor


Days go by as I horse around

Running out of speed

I am a snail

On an overrun trail

Hanging in a broken, hanging in a broken reed


I’m always on the road

I never look back

Yeah I’m a rolling stone and I’m

Always on the road


I can’t find my way

I move but ain’t moving

I don’t bet, yet I’m loosing

I’m always on the road


There are days that I feel better

There are days that I feel worse

But when I try to pull together

I end up seeking comfort in my thirst


There’s one thing that makes me relaxe

It’s the deep sound of the sea

But now I’m left with pretending

It’s the rumbling, it’s the rumbling

from the street


Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as