Better Days

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On The Road

On The Road


Sitting in the dark, all by myself

September soon is on the shelf

It is one of those evenings, one of those nights

You sit outside without a light


Saturday is coming to an end

Im at a party with a friend

People are laughing, music streaming

Out from the windows, and I am dreaming



Better days

Happy-go-lucky days

Easy living days

No lickety-splitly days


My mama told me to be a good boy

To be kind and not to be coy

My daddy taught me to sit down to my work

To settle down and not be a burk


Slow on the uptake, I had the best tutors

Salute to Jimi, to Tom and the crooners

I smoke my calumet alone in the dark

My ship is sailing, it is time to embark

And live the


Better days...


Shiver in the morning, shiver in the night

Withstand the light of day I might

My soul is trembling like a silver wound string

I quake as I start to sing

Sing about


Better days....​​​​​​​


Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as