Bob Along

Appears on:

On The Road

On The Road

Take your bout out from the haven

On a midsummer night

With your wife and your children

And a catch within sight


Take your bout to the sea

Watch the common gulls fly

Catch a few mackerels

As you smile from the corner of your eye


And as the sun goes down

You turn the engine off

And you leave the wheel at rest

The world’s in peace and you’re at ease

As you bob along with the heart of the sea


You are waving the fishing rod

Like a black magic wand

While the phosphorescence glitter

You are forming a bond


You have a cup of coffee

Share a chocolate bar

The air is so quiet

And clear as the northern star


And as the sun goes down..


As the light goes dimmer

You are heading home

The kids blink their eyes

With blankets around their thighs


The seagulls are shouting

For their favorite meal

And you throw it over the railing

Your wife is behind the wheel


And as the sun goes down..



Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as