Breaking Up In Pieces

Appears on:

On The Road

On The Road

It ain’t me looking out of the window

At the birds high on the sky

It ain’t me seeing them waving

Fare the well and goodbye


It ain’t me watching the ships sail

Wondering where they are heading to

I ain’t looking at sterns, babe

I’m just looking at you


Braking up in pieces

Who can count the scores

Different spicies

Raking up old sores

Look over the fence, babe

And don’t stop there

Look into the horizon

What do you see there


It ain’t me thinking the world

Is here for me to explore

I ain’t the one thinking that nowhere

Is now and here anymore


It ain’t me on the chair in the front row.

With eyes open and blue

I don’t look for enlightenment

I’m just looking at you


Braking up in pieces...


Now I am leaning down

Falling down on my knees

Crawling on all fours

Longing to the core


Not longing for change

Not longing for more

I just want you to stay

And not walk out that door


Braking up in pieces...


Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as