Chasing The Real Things

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Chasing The Real Things

Reckless Records

Between clothing, unclothing

Wedding rings and bass strings

Dreaming and steaming and

Coffee and cigarets


Between Green cards and Master Cards

Dubious cards, playing cards

Cleaning and reading and

Riding my jalopy


Between hiding and fighting

Biding, take a siding

Feeding and speeding and

All those memories


Between locking, unlocking

Bottoms up and shocking

Yearnin' and learnin' and turnin'


"I am chasing the real things

Chasing the real things in life

I am chasing the real things

Chasing the real things in life"



Between recipes and Bunny Beas

Knifes and forks and funny dorks

Lighting up candles and

Drinking some more wine


Between blueberry pancakes

Ben & Jerry´s and red stakes

Sunshine and moonshine

Some other friends of mine


Between high fives and low fives

Laughs and jokes and deep sighs

Working and jerking and

In my own silhouette


Between axin' and relaxing

Emmylou and Michael Jackson

milk shakes and corn flakes and



"I am chasing the real things

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