City Clown

Appears on:

On The Road

On The Road

I’ve spent some time in the city, oh lord
In lines and traffic jams I’ve spent time in the nitty gritty mud

Schemes and frauds and scams


I rather would stay for all my time
Rambling on the road Kicking pebbles with my shoes

And never stand in a row


/:No I am not a city clown
I’m leaving this sad old town:/


All my dime I spent it on loan Installments to the bank

Where I don’t even have an account

I’ll end up in the tank


Well I don’t need much to do what I want
Rambling on the road
A guitar on my shoulder That ain’t a heavy load


/:No I am not a city clown../:


No I am not a fraidy cat, but here from under my hat

The view is grim and the outlook vague
I wish I was going blind


I will go with a freight train to where the railway ends

I’ll get off and find a job

Working with my hands


/:No I am not a city clown../:


If you will ever see me there, fiddling around
You’ll see me walking without chains

I will not be bound


And you can join me any day, and you can bring your friends
Cuz the land is free for you and me

Until the story ends


/:No I am not a city clown../:


Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as