Down The Drain

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Reckless Records

Far up north and way down south

Impossible to shut my mouth

Impossible, you speak the word

That is not what I have heard

 " No brain, no pain

  Two of us in the rain

  One of us in the drain"


Lady and I on the holy night

Ended up in a glorious fight

What is right and what is wrong

You step right up you stay too long

  "No brain, no pain

  I´ll put your head in the main

  Swing the cane like Morgan Kane"


Well I read the bible the other day

Reminded me of Rita Hay

Worth a while if it makes you smile

I'd walk the aisle, she got style

   "No brain, no pain    

   You will say that I´m insane

   Well I´m not in love of gain"


Just in case you need a cat

Yeah, I will take off my hat

No instructions or reductions

I'm all yours inside these doors

  "No brain, no pain

  Let´s have some champagne   

  Oh will you be my Penny Lane?

     No brain, no pain,

     Always some more to gain

     This is my last refrain"


….no it´s not..

Now it's time to end this tune

I am howling at the moon

I can imagine what you think

That poor guy needs a shrink…well I think I´ll rather have another drink…

  "No brain, no pain

  I´ll catch the freight train

  Follow me go down the drain"


Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as