Drench My Soul

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This is a story from my neighbourhood

Well, I was not exactly born down in


A clean kut kid... Ready to go

Met a girl that took him to the go go go,

Hit it!


Weigh down the scale of the fairytale

and give me drippy love puppy love,

hard as nails

Hangover in Hannover,

at tops in Berlin

I am a scuba diver with the bends of

Whiskey & Gin


Drench my soul, drench my soul…


Unredeemed by self-esteem,

sometimes the walk of life can kick you

hard in the spleen

Trying to recover,

You just gotta love her,

poppin’ so hard, still in the green


Spreading jacks and aces hidden

in the sleeve

she made him run upon the rocks

to the rattling tambourine

Hit me one more time,

make it shaken and stirred

and drain the cup of bitterness ....

and be free as a bird


Drench my soul, drench my soul…



Breaking the waves like a killer whale

Running to fly high

Riding the storm, ready to press sail

Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on,

bring it on..


Crawling on the floor,

trying to find the bed

by extension of the senses

he was torn to shreds

On further reflections

he got a grip on self deception

I’m not in hell,

I’m standing on the porch...

like a cockroach,

just like a cockroach


Drench my soul, drench my soul,

drench my soul, drench my soul



Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as