Filling My Own Shoes

Appears on:

On The Road

On The Road


Yes I believe in dreams

And I believe in the youth

To take the load without breaking

Telling the truth


I believe in being strong

I believe in getting old

In the power of love

In the spirit of the soul


Mama’s on the radio, daddy’s on the road

I ain’t here for nothing

No disciplinary code

Mama’s singing lullabies, and daddy sings the blues

I won’t stand back for no one

Filling my own shoes


I can feel the blood in my veins

Trying to make me listen

Warm and pounding to my brain

And to my fist


I can see the moon on the hill

Under the stars on the sky

And I howl in the night

Hello and rock-a-bye


Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as