Folks & People

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Chasing The Real Things

Reckless Records


Some folks are glad

And others are sad

Some people listen and others they talk

Some take a walk

Some people shine like the sun

And others they cry

There are people that work

without doing a thing

And others that sing


Some folks say why

And others are shy

Some people move and others stand still

Some take the bill

Some folks they climb the mountain high

And some people fly

Some people whisper

and some people shout

Some take a stout


Some folks are lost

And others are found

Some folks agree, and others are free

And can never be bound

Some folks are fun and others are stunned

Some folks are true

Some people can

and some people will

and some people do


Some folks are nice

And others are wise

Some people take and others they give

Some people live

Some folks are fast and others are slow

Some people know

There ain't no kindness in being too kind

Or swingin´ too low


Some people grieve

And others they leave

Some people stay and others they go

And some folks believe

Some folks are weak and others are strong

Some don't belong

Some try leaving a trace in a

needless phrase of a song


Some folks they win

Others they loose

Some people fight everyday of their life

And still got the blues

Some people lie and others they try

Some people dream

Some got eyes full of tears

flowing in a continuous stream


Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as