Hard rain on my windshield

Appears on:

Down South

Reckless Records

Hard rain on my windshield

Cats and dogs tonight

I am choked with tears, and I'm up to my ears

In pulling through the night


I'm turning off by a back road

Reminding me of home

There's no winning post at the end of this road

And I know it won't lead me to Rome


"Freedom, oh freedom

Freedom is what you need

Well I don't know the reason of this old treason

Freedom is what you need

I will blame it on youth while you're claiming the truth

That freedom is what you need

What you need.."


My consciousness it is flickering

And fluttering all about

As the wipers are rapidly hammering

And banging my head with doubt


Was it ever real or never

Was it meaningless all from the start

This hard rain will fall forever

As the splints from my broken heart


Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as