Just Like The Rain

Appears on:

On The Road

On The Road

Touch my heart without a glove

It will burn you

Make you fry

Cuz it is warmer than a (tiled heating)stove

And the embers

Will never die


Love strikes like a white beam

Of moonlight

From a dream

It hits you hard

Hits you down

It follows it’s own stream


The hard way to go

To go with the flow

To be like the sky

Open and wide

The hard way to go

Not to tiptoe

Hit the ground

Just like the rain


And if you nurse it with patience

If you nurse it

With time

It will grow like a mountain

Inch by inch

To the sky


Loving is living the hard way

And the only way

Is living it hard

No signs or directions

No borders

No one to keep guard

Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as