Mr. Black Jack

Appears on:

Down South

Reckless Records

Days an night

you´re in the core

if you win or you loose

you can´t tell no more

-break it up


soft lips, smart flips

roll the dice

with a cowlick in your eye

you hear the rooster cry

-keep it up


black ties, white lies

place your bets

at the break of dawn

incur your debts

-roll it up


red shoes, no blues

flip the coin

gettin ready for trouble

with a grip on her loin

-shake it up


wines and whiskeys

in the jar

there´s a one eyed pirate

behind the bar

-stir it up


down it, drain it

lick the ice

when the barmaids smiling

and the rooster cries

-break it up


Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as