My Little Boy

Appears on:

Down South

Reckless Records

My little boy,
With two different colored eyes
I'm watching you wander about
Your unsteady steps
The big smile on your face
Riding your own winning race

- Looking at a life so pure
Makes me know for sure
Angels walk the earth
Tender, yet so fearless
You are finding your way
I can't find words to say
How much and how deeply I love you
How happy you make me feel
How beautiful life seems to me
When I see it through your eyes
I promise I'll always be there
For you

Your chuckle and chatter make your golden curls
Dance around your head of joy
Beauty and power and spirit and strength
Gathered in one little boy

- I’ve been here before, it's my second time around
And I'm high as a kite being proud
Sometimes I am wondering what's coming for you
Hopes and dreams come true
If you are down and low
If you just had a row
If you're in some kind of pain
And you can't stand the strain
I promise I'll always be there
For you

I don't promise a life without worries
I don't promise a life in the breeze
But I'll help you get into the stride
Baby, I ll be on your side
I promise I'll always be there
For you

Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as