Ravel Prelude

Appears on:

On The Road

On The Road

I saw the shape of the wind in the water
Looking at the waves, the oceans’ daughters
The mermaids sang “come home
From wherever you roam”

I passed out and I woke up
Felt like a blank white  page
Of a novel, reborn
With a new eye
(Clearing my mouth from foam)

:/:Like the sound of a Ravel prelude
There are days I long for solitude
To find a place all quiet
Far away :/:
From racket and riot

Looking down between the clouds
I am opening my mouth
To breath in the sensation
Of the creation

Watching the fishing boats go
To the banks where the men used to row
The lungs and the gills and the heart
Of the nation

:/:Like the sound of a Ravel prelude...

Far away from troubled waters
Far from poverty and man slaughter
I’m sitting on the rooftop of a world
That can be lost

We should all do what me must
It’s all committed to our trust
While the stars still shine
Above our heads

Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as