The Deserter

Appears on:

On The Road

On The Road


I miss my woman
I miss my boys
I look out the window
Sitting on the lid
Too far gone
Too far away
My soul is drifting
With the snow in the air

I try to be
Where I am
I try to keep
An open min
Forget to drink
Drink to forget
My heart is aching
I’m in a fret

A deserter stranded
Far below zero
A howling wolf
Without my pack
I’m close to the border
I’ll blow my stack
I cannot stop
To look back

The icy way
From the opera house
I walk and freeze
Knitting my brows
Can’t feel my legs
Can’t feel my thighs
My lips are blue
Like lullabies

I wish that I was
Anywhere else
That I was saved
By the bells
But I ain’t getting
Away or loose
I am here now
Stuck like a moose

A deserter stranded...

Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as