We are rolling

Appears on:

Down South

Reckless Records

We are rolling
Rolling on through the shades of time
While we are waving
waving banners that make us blind
We are rolling
like a wagon on a gravelled road
at state of dissolution
all weighed down by a heavy load
And my mind is about to explode

Dreams of glory
get you gone when the heat is on
Seeking fortune
will keep you going as you come on strong
Just remember
what your struggle for life is for
And take shelter in your heart
don´t batter at an open door

Spin the circle
Fortune´s wheel will keep you on the track
Quest for conquest
keep your eyes front, you´d better not look back
Times will come
when what you seek is gone long gone
And you´re at state of dissolution
with no one to blame for the world gone wrong

Copyright © steinar raknes, reckless as