Wild Rose

Appears on:

Down South

Reckless Records


She came home late one night
Found her daughter in her bed
She had born ten kids, now the youngest one was feeling so bad
Saying mother can I stay the night here I am feeling so alone
I just broke up with Jimmy on the phone

She could see her tearful eyes She knew all about goodbyes
She could feel her pain as she spoke You'll feel better by and by
You're to good for that kid
You should be proud of what you did
And I'll tell you something else, dear love of mine

"Sweet baby, you're a wild rose Shooting up, growing strong, Standing out on your own You're a beauty with thorns
In the wind like a cornstalk Stronger than biggest tree It seems to me"

The years went by
She was old and she was weary Sometimes looking back at the glory days When she was young and she was fiery She had a head full of memories
And a bowl full of licorice
As she was telling her grandchild these few words full of peace

"Sweet baby, you're a wild rose..»

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